First Film Festival in the Books!

This Is Norman was screened at Ocean City Film Festival this past weekend in Ocean City Maryland & it was a weekend filled with firsts!

  • First film festival that This Is Norman has been screened

  • First time This Is Norman has been played in a movie theatre

  • First film festival that I've ever been to

  • First time I've ever seen anything I've produced shown in a movie theatre

  • First time ever going to Ocean City Maryland

Fox Gold Coast Theatre

This Is Norman was the second documentary to be screened during the Short Documentary Category at Fox Gold Coast on Saturday, March 9th at 11:20AM.

Having gone to the festival by myself, I walked into a surprisingly packed theatre alone and had to opt for a seat between two strangers in the third row.

The lights were already low, so I quickly and quietly took my seat. The first 20 minutes flew by (I couldn't even tell you what the first documentary was about because I was so distracted at how cool it felt) and before I knew it, This Is Norman began.

For whatever reason, my heart started pounding! I could feel that the audience was engaged and it was one of the best feelings in the world. Then, what felt like a second, it was over and the audience was clapping. I sat there just smiling and sat through the next two documentaries, just as distracted as before but this time from how well it went.

I needed to grab lunch before the Q&A, so I quietly started to get up when both strangers sitting next to me paused and then quietly asked if I was Kathleen, and continued to tell me how much they loved This Is Norman. I had another person actually grab me on the way out, asking if I'd be back for the Q&A because they had so many questions. I reassured them I'd be back.

The Q&A was small but it was terrific. A brother and sister approached me afterwards and asked for a picture with me and wished Norman the best of luck in the future. It was really sweet.

My weekend will be one to remember. I left feeling inspired & even more excited for Trenton's Film Festival on March 31st because Norman will be attending. I can't wait for him to experience his first film festival.

We also found out that we have been selected for New Hope's Film Festival this upcoming July, so many more updates to come!

Until then, ciao!

Kathleen Poliski

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