New Mini-Episode: The Final Day

Norman's journey ended on a high note or should we say- wine note.

Norman spent his final day traveling to Santa Benedetta Winery, an hour outside of Rome in a small town called Frascati. He was able to explore the beautiful vineyard and partook in a wine tasting. Norman was able to try two white wines & one red accompanied by olive oil made on the premsise, fresh tomatoes, house-made bread and an assortment of authentic sheep and cow cheeses.

Later in afternoon, our incredible driver Daniele of Drivers in Rome took us to a Gelato Festival that one of his best friends was competing in. Daniele and Norman got along so well during the hour drive to and from the winery that Daniele paid for Norman's entry to the festival!!

With a belly full of gelato, we headed back to the AirBnb to take a quick nap before our last dinner in Rome at Mama Eat.

We ended the night by taking a stroll on the streets of Rome and reflecting on how amazing the entire journey had been.

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