New Mini-Episode: Italy, Day 3

Day 3 was Norman's 67th Birthday! It felt more like a dream than just another day in Rome.

Norman started the morning off bright and early with a special tour of the Vatican made specifically for those with visual impairments. He was able to feel statues and the 13th century floor of the Sistine Chapel. Our tour guide, Sarah, was more of angel then a guide. She describe everything in detail to Norman perfectly which was pretty magical to witness. Along on the tour with Norman were two women from South Africa. A mother with MS and her daughter. I personally believe they enjoyed Norman's company just as much as the tour itself!

Following the tour of the Vatican, we headed to an all vegan restaurant called Ma Va specializing in authentic Italian vegan cuisine. Norman ordered a delicious polenta dish and we ordered not one, but two desserts.

After lunch we headed back to our AirBnb for a quick nap to recharge our batteries for Norman's big birthday night out. We started with dinner at a very quaint and beautiful restaurant called Osteria right around the corner from the theatre where Norman would witness his first (and favorite) opera: La Traviata.

The night ended with the opera, where Norman knew every word to every song and left the theatre in pure happiness and in one big smile.

We hope this recap video left you with a big smile on your face as well :)

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